Welcome to the official website of Jacques Littlefield.

Jacques is the premier private collector of restored tanks and military vehicles in the world. His love of military technology led him to found the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation.

Jacques is the son of the late Edmund Littlefield, owner of the former Utah International mining company. He currently resides at Pony Tracks Ranch in Portola Valley California with his loving family.

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Jacques Littlefield was featured in a December 2001 article in Forbes Magazine written by Victoria Murphy.

The article describes many of the historic tanks Jacques has collected on Pony Tracks Ranch and the history behind them. Other topics covered are the tank restoration projects, and the perfectly repaired military vehicles.

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Jacques Littlefield has also been featured in an article in the New York Times (registration required) written by Patricia Leigh Brown.

This article explores the passion Jacques has for restoring tanks and historic military vehicles. The article focuses on several world war 2 era tanks, including a German Panzer IV, an American M-1917, and an American Sherman M-4 Tank.

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